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Family Law and Professional Liability Insurance

CNA’s claim frequency in the family law area of practice has been consistently higher when compared to all other areas of practice. As an area of practice, family law includes all litigation and legal services related to antenuptial and domestic relationships, separation and divorce, alimony and child support, child custody, surrogacy and adoption. The top [...]

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Professional Liability Claim Scenarios

At CNA, we take a collaborative approach to claim handling. We work closely with our insureds to achieve the best possible outcome. For our insureds, this facilitates informed decision-making, fewer surprises and an overall smoother claim process. While no two Lawyer’s Professional Liability (LPL) claims are alike, the following examples illustrate a range of LPL [...]

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Giving Business Advice versus Legal Advice

A lawyer’s role and duty is to give legal advice, including: Advice that may not be well received Advice that, when followed, may not result in the best outcome and Advice that, though objectively correct, ends up placing the lawyer in a defensive posture It is simply the cost of the business of law. In [...]

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