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Top 4 Cyber Risks Faced by Lawyers

Law firms and lawyers face risks from doing business online every day. Email communications, digital files, privileged client and business records and sensitive financial transaction information are all attractive to hackers. To stay safe online, it's important to know the risks, minimize exposure and protect against potential impacts. Here are the top 4 cyber risks [...]

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Mitigating a Lawyer’s Risk for Defamation Claims

Outside the courtroom, a lawyer's professional activities may include types of communication that increase the risk of a defamation claim. Statements made on the courthouse steps, or in press releases, interviews and written descriptions of litigation can all pose a risk of defamation exposure. Mitigating risk for defamation claims is key to avoid a stressful, [...]

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Managing Risk Through Client Intake Procedures

Accepting or rejecting potential clients is a frequent occurrence for practicing attorneys. To protect yourself and your firm from high-risk or incompatible clients, you need sound client intake procedures. The right client intake procedures are a smart risk control measure that may help you avert a legal malpractice claim before it can damage your business [...]

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The Risks of Sharing Office Space as a Lawyer

There are many benefits to sharing office space as a lawyer, like increased cost savings and a more sociable workplace. But without the proper risk management precautions, the blurred boundaries of a shared office put you at greater risk of legal malpractice claims. To protect your reputation and your law firm, it's important to acknowledge [...]

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Logistics of a Lateral Move: Tips for a Hiring Law Firm

Lateral moves in the legal community are common and occur for several reasons. As a law firm, you may seek the expertise, passion or enthusiasm of new talent, while attorneys consider lateral moves to avoid stagnation, spur professional development or gain new perspective. Still, it's important to plan carefully to minimize the risks. If your [...]

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Minimizing Exposure in Wills, Trusts and Estates Practice

The wills, trusts and estates practice area frequently involves complex issues requiring specialized legal experience and training, as well as matters that may entail high-stakes disputes among family members. According to CNA data, claims involving the wills, trusts and estates practice area surged during the economic downturn of 2008. However, claims frequency continues to remain [...]

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Managing Outside Counsel Guidelines

Your client’s outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) can open your firm to several risks. If left unchecked, these risks could expose your firm to additional liability that may not be covered by your Professional Liability Insurance. Where OCGs exist, they often serve as a substitute for the firm's retainer agreement and become the governing contractual document [...]

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A Lawyer’s Cloud Computing Guide and Checklist

Is your law firm thinking of moving to the cloud? If so, you could join a number of law firms and other businesses that benefit from cloud computing's efficiency, flexibility and portability options. Yet as a lawyer, it's important to understand the potential benefits of cloud computing come with professional and ethical risks and obligations. [...]

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Creating a Succession Plan

What would happen to your law practice if you disappeared tomorrow? It's a question you may prefer not to think about. Yet whether you are a small firm or solo practitioner, it is important to have a succession plan in case you should suddenly become unable to fulfill your duties to clients and creditors due [...]

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5 Cyber Risk Management Tips

Most firms already employ the most common data security tools such as spam filters, anti-spyware, software-based firewalls and virus scanning on PCs and email. These are essential cyber risk management tools, but law firms need to take further action. Implement these 5 cyber risk management tips to protect your firm: Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt Encryption is [...]

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