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About Lockton Affinity, LLC

Lockton Affinity, an affiliate of Lockton Companies, was formed in 1987 to meet the dynamic, specialized insurance needs of affinity groups, non-profits, associations and franchises.

Professional Liability Claim Scenarios

At CNA, we take a collaborative approach to claim handling. We work closely with our insureds to achieve the best possible outcome. For our insureds, this facilitates informed decision-making, fewer surprises and an overall smoother claim process. While no two Lawyer’s Professional Liability (LPL) claims are alike, the following examples illustrate a range of LPL [...]

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Giving Business Advice versus Legal Advice

A lawyer’s role and duty is to give legal advice, including: Advice that may not be well received Advice that, when followed, may not result in the best outcome and Advice that, though objectively correct, ends up placing the lawyer in a defensive posture It is simply the cost of the business of law. In [...]

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