August 2019 - Colorado Bar

A Lawyer’s Cloud Computing Guide and Checklist

Is your law firm thinking of moving to the cloud? If so, you could join a number of law firms and other businesses that benefit from cloud computing's efficiency, flexibility and portability options. Yet as a lawyer, it's important to understand the potential benefits of cloud computing come with professional and ethical risks and obligations. [...]

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Creating a Succession Plan

What would happen to your law practice if you disappeared tomorrow? It's a question you may prefer not to think about. Yet whether you are a small firm or solo practitioner, it is important to have a succession plan in case you should suddenly become unable to fulfill your duties to clients and creditors due [...]

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5 Cyber Risk Management Tips

Most firms already employ the most common data security tools such as spam filters, anti-spyware, software-based firewalls and virus scanning on PCs and email. These are essential cyber risk management tools, but law firms need to take further action. Implement these 5 cyber risk management tips to protect your firm: Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt Encryption is [...]

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Family Law and Professional Liability Insurance

CNA’s claim frequency in the family law area of practice has been consistently higher when compared to all other areas of practice. As an area of practice, family law includes all litigation and legal services related to antenuptial and domestic relationships, separation and divorce, alimony and child support, child custody, surrogacy and adoption. The top [...]

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